We had so many considerations: financial support, location, scholarship money, & don't get me started on the details of the applications themselves. Oy!

...So far, our daughter has been accepted into 3 of the 3 colleges where she applied for admission, with so much financial & merit aid!

We give all the credit to Faith, who has earned her fees countless times over!"


When we started thinking about college for our oldest daughter, I felt completely overwhelmed...


Sue sullivan

"Your help has been incredible and I can't state enough how much we appreciate the guidance!"  

...I cannot overstate how leveraging her expertise made the process less stressful for both student and parents.

We valued Faith's help through every step of the process... 

rebecca west 

Throughout the process she proved herself to be an expert in her field, while at the same time kind, thoughtful, resourceful, and just a generally amazing person! Her services are invaluable and we would recommend her to anyone with college bound children."

Faith has guided our family through the often confusing and challenging process of college admissions with incredible results... 


Faith got us up and going on our understanding of these complexities which again, reduced our stress and is helping our planning immensely."

I understand that there are many options in college planning and also many different types of parental and student personalities. Faith Stewart is the whole package: professional, knowledgeable, objective, compassionate, efficient, organized and a wonderful communicator.  She made our college search and app process efficient and successful."

Understanding scholarships, FAFSA, merit aid, need-based aid and loans is a very complex landscape...  



We were lost and didn’t know where to start our journey & time was of the essence. We didn’t know which schools to apply to, what the requirements were for merit and financial aid, where to start with essay writing & the overall process was getting so overwhelming.

Faith made this process very smooth & stress free... We were very stressed & Faith took away the stress.

She & my daughter continued the process & all applications were sent out on time and we can’t wait for the results!

We couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Faith. Definitely ask her for help, she will help you get through this process very smoothly!

... from helping my son think about what characteristics he was looking for in a college, to generating a tailored list of colleges for him to apply to (the most important part of the whole process), to guiding him in writing those dreaded college essays.

She was always patient, extremely articulate, and friendly (also important for my shy teenager!) In a few days, my son will be starting college at one of his top-choice schools, a school we never would have heard of without Faith, one that is a great fit for him, with a great financial aid package! 

Faith was fabulous in every aspect of the college planning process... 


The amount of college knowledge Faith has at her fingertips far surpasses anything you can find by “googling”! 

After working with Faith, my son (and I) are happy to report he has been admitted to all of his top colleges and has received significant scholarships from each of them!" Now, his biggest stress is making his final decision on where to go. It’s a great problem to have!

Without Faith, we would have missed applying to some amazing colleges that had programs that perfectly fit my son’s interests.


Emily L. - student

Monisha g. - student

"Thank you so much for your help with everything- you gave me the support and confidence I needed to go through this process and make this decision and I am so grateful."

"I had no idea what I have been offered was even possible. I really believe that my acceptance to many of these schools with such great financial aid was because of you and your help. I couldn’t be more thankful! ...You are such a wonderful asset to a student’s life!"

"Thank you so much! I was lost & couldn’t have done this without you and I appreciate all of your help. Thank you for doing what you do and for helping to make this process a bit easier on us!"

Sydney L. - student

...nor would we have had the patience and time to learn the "ins and outs" of the search process on our own."

Faith is a knowledgeable and earnest 'college navigator' and we highly recommend her programs!"

We simply would not have known the wide range of options available to our daughter... 


...But Faith took the mountain of tasks entailed in today's college application process and broke them down into manageable steps.

Our daughter now has gratifying college choices that will provide an exciting foundation for her future."

The process of applying to college seemed daunting... 




"I wanted to let you know that Henry was accepted at Occidental, George Washington and American - all with merit scholarships! 

He's excited and feels lucky to have offers from these three schools. Thank you for all your help! 

"We can’t thank you enough for taking this load off our shoulders and guiding (A) through her college application process... I couldn’t help Ava at a time when she was so overwhelmed and stressed... I can’t tell you what a relief it was for her and us! Your the best !!!! Thank you so much for reviewing all of her work and your wonderful feedback. I can't thank you enough for all the help you have dedicated to (A)!"

"I cannot thank you enough for all of your help throughout this process! It has made it so much less overwhelming and so much more do-able for us! Your help has made so much of a difference!"


...and a steady hand during a key time in a high schooler's life. We grew to count on her support to alert us to key information, options and deadlines and to ask the right questions."

More than anything, Faith is an incredible source of information... 

David Roberts 

Faith's help has helped my son put together his game plan! Overall, we feel so much more confident! 

One of the most important things we learned is the level of impact test scores can have on merit-based scholarships which is helping us choose colleges wisely! 


YOU were the perfect match for Carson, and quite frankly for me too.    

My daughter will be a freshman next year and we would love to use you again. You really are an amazing mentor, advocate, knowledgeable advisor..... and an all around kind human.

Thank you for investing in us and walking along side us in this adventure... 


Pat Henderson

If someone were to ask me if they should reach out to Faith for help and support with this process, I would say, "Absolutely! - This will be the best $______ you spend at any point in your college search".

 I really do think this service is a treasure!"

Our heartfelt thanks to you Faith! Your help has been invaluable!

"THANK YOU... you have college planning so fun & effective for us to pursue! 

MO west